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August 14, 2023

We have had so much fun! The Blue Lightning Moon Festival has concluded. So many new friends

have been made and so little sleep was had by so many. The rain that was predicted did not appear, 

and it was a gorgeous weekend. The nightly fires were fantastic - many thanks to our fire tenders and

our fire master. The drumming was at times dreamy and at others rousing and exciting - many, many

thanks to our mighty band of drummers and percussionists. I cannot say enough about ALL THINGZ

FLOW and the amazing performances of fire manipulation and sacred dance. They were mesmerizing

and so beautiful in their offerings. Many thanks to our various vendors, presenters, and performers, for 

the wonderful atmosphere and opportunities. A special Thank You to our guest High Priestess Elizabeth

for the ritual opening and closing of our event. Such a good time was had by all. Exhaustion has now 

settled over Dark Moon Rising Productions, and we plan to rest and recoup for a few days before 

planning for the next events gets underway. We appreciate every one of you! Thank you for taking the

time to catch up.

June 4, 2023

The Spring has run by very quickly. We've had projects and plans and puppys. I know some of you have the same issues. We are looking at the Joy of Solstice to be with us very soon now. At the Oxbo, we are looking at a excitint, busy Summer. We have construction to (re) start soon to complete our first shower house with flush toilets. I know that doesn't sound like a great achievement - but to us it's been a long time coming. There are many wonderful changes happening this year. At this point, we can't see exactly how everything will come to fruition. However, we're excited to see the final product. We're excited to be meeting new friends and to be re-uniting with our on-going (I hesitated to say old) friends. Also, I do want to mention that recently I was informed that there is at least 1 soul out there that actually reads this. I apologize as I had neglected to put in a note for too long. While this update is not elegant, it does reflect the way everyone is multi-tasking these days. I will take time soon to bring you up to date in a more meaningful manner. For now, Thanks for taking the time to catch up. 

March 19, 2023

After enjoying much warmer than expected weather for the last month or so, we find ourselves covered in snow today. The wind chills are in the teens, so we all stayed home. The Horde is enjoying nap time today. Bob and I had a great visit with our good friends Tery and Amanda this morning. I thought it was time to introduce everyone to them. They have become a great addition to The Oxbo and to our lives. They are the other half of Dark Moon Productions, which will be organizing and hosting many of our events this summer. They are integral to finishing the shower house this year. So at this time of Equinox, I'm looking at the balance and where I need to poke and pinch in order to be more fully in the balance of time. I am striving to get there and expect many of you are as well. If your search for balance takes you into the woods, come by and see us. Thanks for taking the time to catch up.

March 1, 2023

I haven't had much time to write lately. Sorry about that. I have spent some time updating and, hopefully, improving our website. There are more changes coming as soon as I can cram the needed knowledge into my head. We are looking forward to an exciting year at The Oxbo. A Grand Opening - A New Festival in August. We are very excited about finally achieving one of our long strived for goals. We hope that many of you will join us for this exciting year and share it with us. Much more coming in the next few months. Thanks for taking the time to catch up.

​January 21, 2023

Greetings. The weather is weird, we are still wearing jackets and not coats. The snow hasn't come. I may regret putting that thought out there. It makes for good walking weather for the puppies. Some of you know that during the past few months we have added 3 little ones to our family. The girls are over 60 pounds each now and the little guy has made it to 20 pounds. He remains the littlest mastiff - for now. In a year or so, he will tower over the rest of the pack. Sorry this message seems to be more about the family than camp, but there's not a lot going on right now aside from planning. The planning is becoming frenetic. We are so looking forward to Summer, fun, and festivals. I suspect that is what keeps most of us going through the Winter. So, rest up my friends. The fun season is coming! Make your plans now - it's fun.

Thanks for taking the time to catch up.


December 3, 2022

Greetings. We continue to enjoy the quiet time of year while looking forward to the exciting, joyous time of Spring. This Winter season finds us planning ahead for a busy season next year. We have several good times already planned that are coming back to play with us again. And next year we are in the planning phase of a new festival celebrating the Blue Lightning Moon in August 2023. This festival is a joy to us for many reasons. We look forward to seeing old friends that we've missed and meeting a lot of new friends-to-be. As part of that festivity, we are talking with people who are interested in sharing their knowledge by giving workshops, people who want to share their talents as entertainers. people who want to share their art as vendors. if you are interested in participating in the festival, please contact us using the "contact us" page. We look forward to hearing from you. For now, have a joyous season. Thanks for taking the time to catch up.

November 2022 

If you've been watching the weather forecast, you know that since it's November in Western New York, it's beginning to get cold. We have a forecast for snow tomorrow. Since it's the season of renewal and regrowth, the land is beginning to sleep. Lot's of exciting things are planned for the next season, we hope that you choose to enjoy them with us. I will be more responsible in updating folks on the activities. Once  May is here we'll return to balmy temperatures and are really excited about the coming year. It's going to be great. Thanks for taking the time to catch up.

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