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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE-5)

A CE-5 experience is a close encounter with extra terrestrials that is initiated by humans. This is different than the CE1 - CE4 encounters, in that it is purposeful  and intentional. 


Using the techniques developed by Dr Steven Greer, together we will explore the possibilities.

Join us July 15 - 17, 2023 to pursue a Close Encounter

Weekend Fee is $40 per person
RV's are an additional $25 flat rate plus per person fee

We will spend 2 nights working together to initiate a close encounter. 

On Friday, we will gather to meet and greet, get to know one another, and start unifying our group. Once we have discussed our plans for the evening, and it begins to darken, we will head back to the lookout. 

Working together, we will focus our energies and open ourselves to the possibilities of contact. 

Through the process of sky-watching and reaching out for contact we become more aware of the sky above. By being aware, we may just see more in the way of unidentified flying objects. Our common ground with ET intelligence is the consciousness we share. it is the link.  

On Saturday, we'll have activities to strengthen our connections and get to know one another. By evening, it's back to the look out for another connection opportunity. 

Come join us for a fun weekend while we create an encounter!


If it rains, an alternative date will be determined.  

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