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The Oxbo is a Semi-Primitive Campground

- some gravel roads
- over 5 miles of natural paths and roads on the property
- tent camping spots included in admission
- no camping on roads or paths

New York State laws apply

Respect and Safety
- fire arms are prohibited
- campers may not use chainsaws on the property
- for the safety of all - no glass bottles please!

- fires are to be limited - enjoy with friends and neighbors
- fires must be contained - there are a few fire rings scattered about. We encourage sharing fires
- no fires in the pine or hemlock areas - if in doubt, ask a staff person or security
- fires must not be left unattended - safety for all - Please 
- no fires on roads, paths, or under power lines
- there will be fire starting kits (kindling, quick fire starter) available
- split wood available for sale at registration or watch for the Fire Sky Wing (AKA Fire Fairy) in the gator driving around selling bundles at different times

- carry in / carry out rules apply
- no electric hook ups
- limited low power available for those with medical needs - this needs to be arranged with management well in advance to the event
- we can't guarantee there will not be a power outage beyond our control
- no water hook up. 
- no sewer hook up. No dump station at the campground. No dumping on the ground per NYS laws
- there is cell signal at the campground depending on your provider
- no WiFi

- proof of vaccination required prior to entry to the event
- pets must be leashed (or kenneled / crated) and in control at all times
- be courteous - bring your bags for waste pick up please

- port-a-potties are located in various locations  

First Aid will be near Registration

Security Staff
- here to help! let them
- please follow security staff instructions for your safety

- will be a very limited amount of spots for RV's
- reserve early to be assured a spot. Once they are gone - they are gone
- no hook ups
- there is no dump station. please be prepared to haul out your waste tanks
- no dumping on the ground (NYS laws apply)
- RV spots will be assigned by staff
- respectful use of generators will be allowed during the day (no night time use) it will be at staffs discretion if they are used respectfully

Please comply with camp rules. The worst we can do is escort folks off site and ban from re-entry. We don't want to - but the good of the many will rule during an event - so we will. 

                                               --BOTTOM LINE--

                                           Let's all have fun !!

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